2 Dec 2010

Adrift for 50 days, Tokelau teens say they expected rescue

2:22 pm on 2 December 2010

The three Tokelauan teenagers who were found after 50 days lost at sea say they never doubted they would be rescued.

The boys, who were found north east of Fiji last week, have spoken to media in Samoa as they make their way home.

According to the Samoa Observer, 14 year-old Etueni Nasau has denied reports they became lost after searching for a girl.

Instead they say they threw a bunch of coconuts, a bottle of vodka and some water aboard their small aluminium boat before leaving Atafu Atoll to go in search of more drinks.

They say they always believed they would be found because they prayed a lot.

The Ulu-o-Tokelau Kuresa Nasau says the teenagers' rescue is a miracle but he is concerned about their mental health after 50 days at sea.