21 Nov 2010

Samoa's power company signs new deal for a new diesel power station

10:04 am on 21 November 2010

Samoa's Electric Power Corporation has signed a new deal for the design, manufacture, factory testing, supply, installation and commissioning of a new diesel power station at Fiaga, Aleisa.

The agreement was made with Bluebird Ah LAL Joint Venture in association with Woods Pacific Ltd of New Zealand and Mitshubishi Heavy Industries of Japan.

The deal is worth almost 27,000 US dollars.

The contract consists of the construction of the Power House Building, Control Room, Switchgear Room, Cable Room, Workshop and the Supply and Installation of four new diesel engines.

The engines are Mitsubishi models to produce 5,770 kilowatts each, with a total installed capacity of 23,080 kilowatts.

After this new power station is built and commissioned, the existing diesel engines at the Tanugamanono Power House will be dismantled and shifted to Fiaga Diesel Power Station.

That will leave the existing Tanugamanono Power Station as a substation, where all the hydro stations on the eastern side of Upolu are connected to and excess power will be distributed from there to other parts of Upolu.

The tentative completion date for this project is October 2011.