19 Nov 2010

Pacific cricketers optimistic ahead of Australian country tournament

11:37 am on 19 November 2010

The East Asia Pacific team says it will go into January's Australian Country Cricket Championships with the added belief they're capable of causing a few upsets.

Teams from every Australian state will also play in the tournament, which was this year won by Northern Territory.

Last time around the East Asia Pacific team surprised many by beating South Australia and the ACT, as well as giving the eventual winners a run for their money.

The Fiji Blues captain, Joe Rika, who's now in his fifth year in the team, says that's given the team the confident that they can perform even better.

"Last years EAP team was the youngest ever formed and we got more wins that past other teams before and I think it's just us we're all fighting and understanding the reason why we're there to be playing because we know the better we play the more it will benefit our countries and that's probably why we've been successful last year."