27 Oct 2010

Rapa Nui activist says Chile's plans no solution to island's issues

8:12 am on 27 October 2010

A Rapa Nui activist says Chile's plans for Easter Island won't address fundamental issues facing the Chilean territory.

Chile's announced a raft of proposals including a presidential appointee to Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, and investments worth 270 million dollars.

Some Rapa Nui have protested for the return of ancestral lands and self-determination, prompting Chile to beef up security forces in the territory.

New York-based Santi Hitorangi says many Rapa Nui feel Chile's new plans are just a band-aid and Chile hasn't consulted one of the representative bodies, the Rapa Nui parliament.

"The government should have a good faith negotiation and recognise that the principle issue here is the title to the land and unless that is on the table, there's no conceivable solution."

Santi Hitorangi says his clan will continue living on their ancestral land which is also claimed by a luxury hotel company.