25 Oct 2010

Attempts to oust Vanuatu PM deemed a fruitless exercise

2:37 pm on 25 October 2010

The office of the Prime Minister in Vanuatu says it believes the opposition won't win in its attempts to oust the Prime Minister.

The opposition had been hoping for an extra-ordinary session to be held today but the speaker of parliament ruled their motion for a vote of no confidence out of order after several government members withdrew their support.

The Prime Minister's public relations officer, George Pakoa Tarimanu, says he's aware of five or six attempts to get rid of the Prime Minister but says the opposition lacks the support to succeed.

"The way that the numbers stand at the moment, 36 government side and 16 opposition. So unless they can convince enough parliamentarians to support a motion, it is a fruitless exercise."

George Pakoa Tarimanu says the opposition believes it had a valid motion for a vote of no confidence and has asked the Supreme Court to look into the speaker's decision to reject it.