22 Oct 2010

Millions of Papua New Guineans said to be praying for dead pastor's return to life

4:33 pm on 22 October 2010

Papua New Guineans across the country are said to be praying for the return to life of an evangelical preacher who died in a car crash several days ago.

Pastor Joseph Kingal is the founder and director of a Lae-based, non-denominational evangelistic ministry called The Word, The Spirit and The Cross.

A relative says the pastor was revered by both Christians and non-Christians and influenced many, including people at the highest levels of government, because of his ability to unite disparate tribal groups.

Sam Koim says the accident, which Mr Kingal's family survived, is being seen as a demonic attack.

"Christians all across the country there is even calls from non-Christians all across the country are praying, we are just praying for God to give the life back and this is nothing new, this is nothing new and nothing that God hasn't done that we are demanding him to do."

Sam Koim in PNG.