21 Oct 2010

Rapa Nui occupy part of Easter Island hospital - report

4:44 pm on 21 October 2010

Reports from Chile's Easter Island say a group of Rapa Nui has occupied the administration wing of the island's only hospital.

It is not immediately clear if this is linked to the other occupations on the island which began in July as part of protracted land claims.

The reports say the hospital occupation has no impact on patient care.

According to the financial press, the occupation of the Hanga Roa Hotel construction site has led to 120 jobs being lost as contracts have been cancelled.

Reports say the Rapa Nui clan has proposed that the government buy the disputed site for it to be turned into a cultural and educational centre.

The land dispute and Chile's response by deploying troops have been brought of the attention of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.