21 Oct 2010

Samoa Observer editor disappointed with Samoa media ranking

2:12 pm on 21 October 2010

The editor of the Samoa Observer says it is surprising to find Samoa almost as far down a list of press freedom rankings as Fiji.

Of the Pacific countries in Reporters without Borders' Press Freedom Index, Papua New Guinea is 42nd, Tonga 87th, Samoa comes in at number 111 and Fiji is 149th.

The editor-in-chief of the Samoa Observer, Savea Sano Malifa, says from his newspaper's point of view, Samoa deserves a higher ranking.

"In comparison to Fiji, I think we are pretty good. We are much much better than Fiji because the government here has become very tolerant of the press over recent years, whereas in the past, there's been a lot of friction. Now, things are much much better."

Savea Sano Malifa, the editor-in-chief of the Samoa Observer.