20 Oct 2010

Fiji police told to deal with complaints quickly

4:11 pm on 20 October 2010

Fiji police are being told to be thorough and quick in handling complaints from the public over the upcoming months.

The head of the Fiji police, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, says this year more than 1,000 complaints have been lodged against police officers.

A spokesman for the police, Fred Elbourne, says so far 294 cases have been reviewed while 346 weren't substantiated.

The rest, he says, still needs to be followed up.

He says the complaints vary.

"Misconduct, inaction, police inaction, complaints against our service, complaints on police professionalism, our inaction on attending to cases in a timely manner. Those type of complaints."

Fred Elbourne says any public complaint that is upheld against an officer is to be dealt with internally, according to the severity of the crime.

He says the commissioner is also keen to improve the public's perception of the force by responding to any complaint more quickly.