19 Oct 2010

Papua torture video triggers international NGO reaction

4:17 pm on 19 October 2010

The posting of a video showing footage of a Papuan being tortured, allegedly by Indonesian security forces, has prompted a wave of international criticism.

Human Rights Watch has called for a full inquiry.

The Jakarta Globe reports the head of the Asian Human Rights Commissions, Wong Kai Shing, as calling on Jakarta to ratify the UN Convention Against Torture.

The Australia West Papua Association wants Canberra to hold an inquiry into how military aid and training is being used by the Indonesian security forces

Its spokesperson, Joe Collins, says the Australian government argues that its military's professionalism rubs off on its Indonesian counterparts.

But he says it's not true:

"It's nonsense, our government not telling truth, we are not actually making the Indonesian any more professional and they are committing human rights abuses because they know they can act with impunity."

Joe Collins says the Australia West Papua Association wants Canberra to cut all military training and all military aid.