15 Oct 2010

Indonesian president en route to flood-hit Wasior after Manokwari visit

9:32 am on 15 October 2010

Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, says his administration will rebuild the West Papuan town of Wasior where about 150 people were killed in floods and mudslides.

About 700 people were injured and dozens are still missing after the disaster which has forced thousands of others to be put up in makeshift shelters in Manokwari.

Following claims of a poor state response, the president toured the disaster area accompanied by 13 government ministers.

The head of the Indonesian delegation of the International Federation of the Red Cross says the death toll from the flooding's expected to rise to between 150 and 200.

Phil Charlesworth says four and a half thousand people have been evacuated to nearby Manokwari, with some living in tents and others with host families.

"One of the big challenges at the moment is to get the infrastructure working again so that roads are open, the port's working again and the airport is functioning again and they can make a concerted effort to bring back on line many of the local government facilities that have been offline now for some time."