14 Oct 2010

Cooks shipping unsettled after Mauke stranding

4:56 pm on 14 October 2010

The Cook Islands government is trying to resolve a shipping problem after one of the two ships servicing the outer islands ran aground on the reef off Mauke.

Just one small vessel is now available to transport much needed fuel and goods to the outer islands.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Shipping, Tere Taio, says they are confident most of the islands have ample fuel for generators but the supply of dry goods could become a concern.

He says they are looking at other options, including using an Hawaiian shipping company's vessel to deliver supplies.

"And it's due in the northern group on the 16 of November and what it does it will come through the northern group and come directly back to Rarotonga and then go up to north, and we can utilise that, that boat's on those routes as well."

Tere Taio says the vessel on Mauke is badly damaged and may have to be scrapped.