12 Oct 2010

Former Fiji Times editor has no regrets about resisting censorship

3:15 pm on 12 October 2010

The former editor of the Fiji Times, Netani Rika, says he has no regrets about resisting censorship under Fiji's interim regime.

Mr Rika resigned as the Editor of the Fiji Times last week after a Media Decree forced Australia's News Limited to sell the paper to local group, Motibhai.

He does not want to elaborate at this stage on the reasons behind his decision to leave the paper.

But Mr Rika says he does not fear for his safety as he spends time in Suva with his family:

"I think the people behind this will be satisfied that they have removed me and that was their ultimate goal. The violence right at the beginning was, I believe, was an attempt to fast-track the process in which I find myself today."

Mr Rika says he may work overseas for a time to support his family and has had various offers of employment along with writing work with the Australian National University