9 Oct 2010

Long-serving PNG policeman fatally shot

8:31 am on 9 October 2010

A long-serving policeman and father of seven has been shot dead at close range while escorting a company's pay-run in Papua New Guinea.

The National newspaper reports Paul Waim and another policeman were escorting a rubber company cash banking and pay run from the Abau district when they were intercepted by another vehicle in Port Moresby.

Eyewitnesses say the killers were armed with high-powered guns, and one of the men who appeared to be holding a pistol, fired six to seven continuous shots at the policeman.

Central police commander Chief Superintendent, John Maru, has called on companies seeking police escort to provide a separate vehicle from the vehicle carrying the money.

He has also condemned the lack of resources and inadequate funding of the police force which he says is the reason why police are left to carry out escorts in the same vehicle as that carrying the cash.