9 Oct 2010

Spinoffs expected from TriMarine's entry in American Samoa cannery scene

8:32 am on 9 October 2010

The Co-chairman of the American Samoan government's Economic Advisory Council David Robinson has welcomed news that the territory will be getting a second cannery.

Ownership of the Samoa Packing plant and equipment is to transferred to the Tri Marine company along with the signing of a "new lease agreement" between the government and Tri Marine.

Mr Robinson says it must be emphasised how significant it is to attract this company to invest in the territory given the soft global economic conditions and competition from low-cost countries in Asia.

"It's important for our economy that those who have been unemployed in recent times get back to work and have disposable incomes and incomes that are going to allow them to support their families and of course it will have a spinoff not only for the development of our fishing industry per se but it will have a spinoff into the local economy."

David Robinson.