7 Oct 2010

Solomon Islands union calls for police commissioner to explain retirement scheme

10:29 am on 7 October 2010

The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union is calling on the Police Commissioner to come clean on his objectives behind the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme.

The Union's President, Peter Auga, says it is skeptical of one part of the scheme which asks for the voluntary resignation of officers who were involved with the ethnic tensions.

He says the Union wants the Commissioner to explain his reasons behind it.

"The question that we have is one, now if those who were involved in the tensions come forward and admit that they were also involved in the tensions, would the Commissioner of police assure those officers that they are immune to any prosecution under Solomon Islands laws once they exit the police force."

Peter Auga says the Union views the scheme as a form of bullying towards officers who were involved in the ethnic tensions and believes repercussions will follow.