30 Sep 2010

Fiji talks to look at improving energy use in Pacific

8:43 am on 30 September 2010

How to meet the growing demand for energy in the Pacific when fuel prices are rising will be a key issue at a three-day meeting starting in Nadi on Friday.

At least 11 legislators from around the Pacific are expected at the meeting, organised by a body called the Climate Parliament, which aims to help politicians around the world to address issues around climate change.

A spokesperson, Kitty Garden, says their emphasis is on mitigation and the meeting will focus on how legislators can improve access to energy.

She says this will include information on how to find the money to build renewable energy systems.

"Financing is obviously a key issue because a lot of people acknowledge that it's a good idea to use solar panels instead of diesel generators but often it comes down to money, so we have an expert from the UNDP Pacific Centre who'll be talking about international financial mechanisms and how Pacific legislators can access international funding."

Climate Parliament spokeswoman, Kitty Garden