22 Sep 2010

Former premier Lui to chair Niue internet foundation

2:49 pm on 22 September 2010

A former Premier of Niue is to chair the board of the charitable foundation that provides free internet services to the people of Niue.

Frank Lui says the IUSN Foundation, which was established 13 years ago, will continue to develop and upgrade its services.

He says the priority is to get a second satellite dish installed to provide back up and extra bandwidth.

The Foundation, which was formerly known as the Internet Users Society Niue, manages the dot nu domain name.

Meanwhile the Niue Government, which has waged a long and unsuccessful battle to take back the domain name, claims the current service is poor and unreliable.

In a media release it says only half of the island's villages and citizens have been getting internet services.

Niue's Premier, Toke Talagi, says it may ask ICANN, the international body which assigns domain names, to hand dot nu back to the government.