20 Sep 2010

Activist warns PNG Government about lingering anti Asian tensions

7:54 pm on 20 September 2010

A planned protest later this week against controversial moves by the Papua New Guinea Government will also ask for a committee set up to investigate anti-Asian rioting last year to be re-established.

Activist Noel Anjo wants people marching over issues such as cuts to the authority of the Ombudsman, the abuse of parliamentary process and limits on the rights of landowners to seek redress over environmental damage.

Despite Government claims, he's denied any involvement in recent anti Asian rioting in Eastern Highlands province, but says the people remain concerned by the issues that sparked similar violence last year.

He says the Government can't ignore the anger.

"You know, do something about it. But this issue is still, the tension is still very high and the Government must do something. They way you see these things are happening. I am warning the Government that there are signs of bigger things to come."