18 Sep 2010

Solomon Islands High Court to assess election petitions

11:09 am on 18 September 2010

The Solomon Islands High Court will be holding a pre-trial conference at the end of this month to assess the 18 election petitions that were filed.

The Registrar at the High Court Gavin Withers says all petitioners will appear before a judge to canvas whether security's been paid and if they were compliant with the rules.

Mr Withers says the High Court will also be looking at the required hearing time and consider prioritising hearings when petitioners are claiming a seat.

He says they have received a variety of petitions.

"Some of the petitions are claiming, as I understand it, that the election for a particular person is known void. Some of them are claiming a seat, some of them are not claiming a seat but are just pointing to irregularities that have occurred and are just asking the High Court to take a look at those situations."

The Registrar at the High Court Gavin Withers.