10 Sep 2010

Declaration of drought diverted in Fiji

1:09 pm on 10 September 2010

The interim government in Fiji continues to monitor the drought situation with a taskforce formed by the Commissioners in the Western and the Northern Division under the National Disaster Office.

At the moment these areas have not been declared as drought restricted areas, however the authorities continue to supply carted water to reduce the severe effects of the drought.

The interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has told Auckland's Radio Tarana more relief funding has just been allocated despite the decision to keep watching the situation.

"Just yesterday I endorsed additional funding to the National Disaster Management Office to continue with assistance to these stricken areas."

Yesterday the manager of the Climate Services division of Fiji's Meteorological Service, Dr Sushil Sharma, said if the Commodore did decide to declare a drought, international and Prime Ministerial aid could be provided.