9 Sep 2010

More missile tests planned on Kauai

7:08 pm on 9 September 2010

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has plans to conduct more missile testing from Hawaii in an effort to develop a defense system.

The $278 million US dollar ballistic missile programme is using a facility on Kauai island.

Riki Ellison, the chairman of the non profit, Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, says the ballistic missile technology is already onboard ships.

He says it's part of ongoing moves by the U.S. to develop better missile capabilities.

"The programme, it was designed basically because there's countries such as North Korea and Iran who are developing nuclear weapons and are developing these ballistic missiles, so in order to dissuade these countries from doing it, and to deter these countries from doing it, they are developing a system and the system also helps extend U.S. deterrance to the other countries in the region."

Riki Ellison says a draft environmental study has been done and debris from the testing is expected to be minimal.