9 Sep 2010

Samoa Rugby Union rejects suggestion of complacency

10:18 am on 9 September 2010

The Samoa Rugby Union has responded to criticisms of it's high performance unit in a leaked International Rugby Board review.

The review noted two of the most senior positions in the unit are held by people with strong coaching backgrounds but who lack administrative expertise.

It said a culture of complacency, and even apathy has evolved and is compromising the integrity of the high performance programme.

The Chief Executive of the Samoa Rugby Union, Sua Peter Schuster, says the report is just one persons view but he says criticism is healthy and they will take it on board.

"The report is just addressing what that person thinks, so having some critic like that is good, it's healthy for progressing moving forward. You don't want to become victims of complacency. In sport these days if you want to win you just have to keep on working hard. There will be some hiccups and some hurdles you still have to jump but you strive for the best to get that international result you aspire to."

The report also commentated that the rugby union was yet to implement some changes recommended after the last world cup review in 2007.

Peter Schuster says limited financial resources means there are some restrictions on how much and how quickly these changes can be made.