3 Sep 2010

Japan/Marshalls fishing talks break down

1:13 pm on 3 September 2010

Negotiations between Japan and the Marshall Islands for a new fisheries access agreement have broken down and are not expected to resume until next year.

The Marshall Islands is pushing for the development of its domestic fishing industry as part of the new Parties to the Nauru Agreement programme of expanding benefits from fishing for the island countries.

The Director of the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, Glen Joseph, says the talks hit an impasse when Japan's negotiators rejected demands from the Marshall Islands for a greater share of the tuna pie.

Mr Joseph says the Authority's been getting five percent of the total value of tuna caught in Marshall Islands' waters but wants to look at the other 95 percent.

A Japanese official has indicated they're waiting for the Marshalls to call for more negotiations, but has declined to make further comment.