27 Aug 2010

Cook Islands PM meets with political reform group

10:26 am on 27 August 2010

The Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai is meeting with the political reform group Mou Piri this morning about the possibility of holding a national referendum on political reform.

Cabinet ministers have this week been discussing the idea of holding a referendum during the elections scheduled on November the 17th.

The founder of Mou Piri, Teina MacKenzie, says the group hopes to convey to the Prime Minister a number of issues it is lobbying for.

"We're interested in all voters electing the prime minister. We believe that people should choose their prime minister. Introduction of national seats so that there will be at least some focus on national issues as opposed to local issues. We would also like a reduction of constituency seats. And electoral commission is absolutely necessary."

Teina MacKenzie says she is excited about the talks with the government as she believes they are timely, necessary and forward thinking.