13 Aug 2010

Reconciliation follows killing in Solomons' capital

1:47 pm on 13 August 2010

A reconciliation ceremony has been taking place between police, the military and the community in Solomon Islands where a man was fatally shot on Thursday.

A man died after receiving two bullet wounds when two Tongan soldiers from the Regional Assistance Mission fired shots in the community of Titinge.

The authorities say police and RAMSI personnel came under a barrage of rocks on their way to attending a drunken brawl in the hills above Honiara.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says there were a lot of angry relatives outside the National Referral Hospital yesterday, but after discussions with police they have been more accepting of their explanation.

She says with coalition negotiations continuing the shooting has affected the atmosphere in the capital.

"I think it's caused a sense of unease. At the same time people just want to get on with this election of the Prime Minister. We've had a bad experience already and I think everybody just wants these MPs to get it over and done with and not drag out the lobbying too much because everybody is so fearful that something might trigger off again like the last time."

Dorothy Wickham says there's some skepticism of police assurances that the incident was not election related.