12 Aug 2010

Solomons party vows to stick to its principles in negotiations

3:49 pm on 12 August 2010

A leading politician in Solomon Islands says his party will be sticking to its principles and policies during negotiations to form a coalition government, although he's not sure about others.

One of the leaders of the Party for Rural Advancement, Job Dudley Tausinga, says his party of seven MPs has received calls from groups camping at various hotels.

He says they'll be considering which parties have similar policies focussing on development.

But he says as the party system is so loose in Solomon Islands other politicians may not be so principled.

"Well in situation where you have parties that are not properly structured by way of regulatory mechanism then obviously you are in for horsetrading. The question really is, how principled are we in trying to stick to our policy."

A newly emerged grouping of independent members, the Independent Democratic Party, claims it can form a coalition with Mr Tausinga's party, but he says it will be a few days before it becomes obvious who they are backing.