11 Aug 2010

Hundreds vie for 60 places at new American Samoa police academy

3:34 pm on 11 August 2010

The Public Safety Commissioner in American Samoa says hundreds of people are vying for the 60 vacancies at its planned police academy.

Police have narrowed down a list of more than 400 applicants to 300 who will sit an entrance exam before the new recruits are selected.

The Commissioner, Tuaolo Fruean, says the number of applicants may be a reflection of the higher numbers of unemployed and high school leavers looking for work.

He says fresh blood is needed in the force after a fall off in numbers.

"Most of the police are, you know, ready to retire. You know some work overtime coz they are short staffed. That's why these 60 will give me a break and the department."

Tuaolo Fruean says more officers are needed to cope with the territory's population growth during recent years.