9 Aug 2010

Economy thriving on Pitcairn Island

7:51 am on 9 August 2010

An increase in the tourism and export trades in Pitcairn Island during the past few years has lead to major growth in the local economy.

The director of the Pitcairn Islands Study Center in California, Herbert Ford, says until about five years ago, the only vessels to visit the small Island were cargo ships

But cruise ships have started bringing hundreds of passengers to Pitcairn, who pay for accommodation, island tours, and local goods.

Mr Ford says Pitcairners have also started exporting locally made products.

He says the local people hope the thriving economy will encourage Pitcairners to come back to the island.

"The growth of the economy will say to Pitcairners who are abroad, of which there a quite a number, there are opportunities here at home, and some of them may be coming back because they find that they can survive economically, as they could not before."

Herbert Ford says there are less than 50 Pitcairners living on the island.