5 Aug 2010

Fiji taxi drivers asked to help combat child prostitution and abuse

1:19 pm on 5 August 2010

Taxi drivers in Fiji are being asked to help prevent the sexual exploitation of children by reporting suspicious passengers.

The NGO Save the Children is hosting a two day workshop to highlight Fiji's growing problems of child prostitution, abuse and trafficking.

The head of the Taxi Union, Rishi Ram, says drivers will work with authorities to try and combat the problem of child exploitation.

"People who commit this type of offence hire taxis to transport young girls to the motels or brothels for the services. They have invited me as the head of the Taxi Union to remind my drivers Fiji wide and taxi operators not to be part of it and if they come across any of this type of incident they should report it to the police."

Mr Ram says it is possible if taxi drivers do not report their suspicions they too could be charged.