4 Aug 2010

Former Tonga transport minister seeks judicial review of Ashika commission criticism

7:57 pm on 4 August 2010

A former transport minister of Tonga who was criticised in the Royal Commission of Inquiry's report on the Princess Ashika disaster, is seeking to clear his name.

The report found that Paul Karalus knowingly provided false information to the authorities about the boat, which sank last August, killing 74 people.

Mr Karalus says he's sought a delay in the consideration of his application for a judicial review of the findings, because he's concerned about the involvement of the Chief Justice Anthony Ford and the Solicitor General in such a review.

He's also dumped his lawyer though won't say why.

The delay wasn't granted and Mr Karalus accepts he'll now appear before Justice Ford on Friday to speak to his application.

"I had made application or sought leave to have the Ashika Commission findings to be subjected to judicial review, with a view to clearing my name essentially, from the much-maligned view that was given in the report of the commission."

A former transport minister of Tonga, Paul Karalus.