3 Aug 2010

Samoa's lotto winner still a mystery

3:15 pm on 3 August 2010

The winner of Samoa's top lotto prize is yet to claim it amid concerns over privacy.

It is the first time the jackpot of close to a quarter of a million US dollars has been struck since the National Lotto opened in October last year.

So far no one has come forward to claim the prize which has a 90-day expiry date.

Our correspondent Alan Ah Mu says keeping the win under wraps will be difficult given Samoa's close knit communities.

"Quite possibly one of the reasons why the winner hasn't come forward is not to announce that he or she has won such a big amount of money because the very next thing that will happen is a lot of relatives will surface to ask for some and its very hard to say no here to relatives. Basically everybody here knows everybody else's business."

Alan Ah Mu says other possibilities are that the winner is waiting for the media hype to die down, the ticket's lost or it was purchased by someone who is overseas.