2 Aug 2010

Human rights lawyer in Fiji has 8 charges discharged- husband still faces one count

8:14 am on 2 August 2010

The Former Airports Fiji Limited, Chief Executive, Sakiusa Tuisolia, will now be tried on only one charge - out of the eight that were laid against him and his wife - human rights lawyer, Imrana Jalal.

Fiji Broadcasting says Judge Justice Priyantha Fernando put a permanent stay on the other 7 charges relating to violations of their business license.

The decision was made following an application by the prosecution to merge count 4 with count 1 - which has a permanent stay.

Justice Fernando ruled that prosecution cannot amend the information when the permanent stay is in force.

She refused the application saying it was an abuse of process.

Ms Jalal has been discharged on all the eight counts.

Mr Tusolia will now be tried for giving false information to a public servant