20 Jul 2010

U.S soldier alleged to have killed CNMI colleague in Afghanistan

1:31 pm on 20 July 2010

The U.S military is investigatiing the death of a soldier from the Northern Marianas, who was allegedly stabbed in the neck by a colleague in Afghanistan last Friday.

It was Corporal Dave Michael Santos' second deployment in Afghanistan, where he'd been working as part of Operation Enduring Freedom for about a month.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says at this stage no one knows why Corporal Santos was stabbed.

"It's all under investigation right now. Um, there were varying reports in other media that he was killed by an explosion but that's not the real case. Ir was only when we were able to talk to the father that he admitted, and was crying for justice, because he was killed by a fellow marine."

Mark Rabago says it's unclear how long the investigation will take, but says both the CNMI Government and Santos family are confident the U.S Military will discover what happened and take the appropriate action.

Corporal Santos' body is expected to arrive back in Rota early next week, where he'll be buried by his family.