19 Jul 2010

NZ Foreign Minister certain Vanuatu Government will act on coroner's report

11:43 am on 19 July 2010

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, says he has been assured by the Vanuatu Government that a Coroner's report calling for reforms in the country's police will be acted on.

New Zealand judge, Nevin Dawson, compiled the report after he'd investigated the death of a prisoner in police custody.

He described a force that placed itself above the law and said the Government needed to institute major reforms to ensure it didn't lose control of the agency.

It's four months since the report was released and so far no action has been taken, but Mr McCully says on a trip to Port Vila earlier this month he was updated on what the Government plans.

"I was satisfied that there was genuineness behind those statements so while it's taking longer than some would like, I fully understand that the Government is committed to taking this through a proper place, and in view of the reasonably delicate circumstances that they confront I don't think we should be too concerned about them taking the time they need to get to the right result."