13 Jul 2010

Dozens of international monitors to oversee Solomons' election

10:04 am on 13 July 2010

More than 50 international observers will be in Solomon Islands for next month's national election.

A United Nations team has arrived in Solomon Islands to coordinate the deployment of the observers to polling stations around the country.

UN resident coordinator Knut Ostby says the international observers won't have the power to intervene if they see anything untoward, but can make statements after the election.

"We all hope that there will no significant problems this time, as you know there were some problems in 2006 after the last elections although the elections themselves in 2006 went off fairly well. We all hope I think that the authorities are fairly well prepared so we hope that this time it will go off in a normal and free and fair manner."

Knut Ostby says the international observers have been invited by the Solomon Islands government.