12 Jul 2010

Senator criticises Samoan Heritage week in Hawaii

7:09 am on 12 July 2010

An American Samoa Senator says the territory has more pressing needs than to fund another Samoan Heritage Week in Honolulu.

Planning is already underway for the event, due to be held in August, which is aimed at promoting appreciation of the Samoan culture among American Samoans living in Hawaii.

The American Samoa Government is the main sponsor of the week long celebration, and last year spent more than 200,000 US dollars on the event.

Senator Velega Savali says he is incredulous that the government is again planning for another celebration when the hospital still hasn't been given funding for the referral of patients off island.

Velega is questioning why local taxpayer funds should be used to pay for a celebration that is intended to benefit people living off island.