5 Jul 2010

Flood damage in Vanuatu villages to be addressed

2:38 pm on 5 July 2010

The Shefa Provincial Government in Vanuatu is meeting to discuss what can be done to improve the situation in Emae, after a landslip and 15 hours of flooding last month severely damaged five villages.

Supplying the villages with clean drinking water will be one of the main issues, after the water systems in the Resu and Makatea villages were damaged, and ground water wells were contaminated by the flooding.

Vanuatu's Daily Post newspaper has reported that food gardens, buildings and roads have also been destroyed.

No casualties have been reported.

Len Garae of the Daily Post says the water situation needs to be addressed first..

"There's no possibility that they could use any water from the wells. What they have now is a water source which is located between one of the villages, and it's coming from an area that's not affected by the flooding. But then they have to walk there, and it's not very close to the village."

Len Garae reporting