2 Jul 2010

Hopes Nauru deadlock can be solved today

9:34 am on 2 July 2010

There are hopes that Nauru will today resolve a political impasse that has dragged on for several months, by electing a President.

On Wednesday, a initial breakthrough was made with MPs electing a Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Chairman of Committees.

Baron Waqa, who leads the main opposition grouping in the Parliament, says the progress came when a third party emerged and put forward the office holders.

"A state of emergency, put in place by the caretaker government three weeks ago to ensure funding for the administration, expires today ( friday)."

It could be extended but Mr Waqa says this won't be necessary if a President is elected.

I am hoping it won't be necessary -that we can elect a President by then, but we have to think about these new factors coming in now like this new group, the Nauru People's Party, and there's also new leadership in the caretaker government.