2 Jul 2010

Fiji growers told job cuts won't hit mills

9:34 am on 2 July 2010

Fiji's Sugar Corporation is assuring canegrowers that massive job cuts will not result in more problems with mills.

Just weeks into the crushing season, the corporation has announced it will reduce its budget by over 8 million US dollars, including a reduction in man power by 40 percent over the next 18 months.

The Corporation's CEO, Deo Saran, [pron sharan] says there will be a major reorganisation of the company.

"So in the future we see that our mill centres will juts have manpower or support functions which is only necessary to be maintained at the mill levels. All those central and corporate functions will be centralised. Right now we have a very decentralised structure within the organisation."

Deo Saran says with the major investment in upgrading the mills, they should continue to operate effeciently, despite the job cuts.