21 Jun 2010

Both groups in Nauru Parliament vie for support of single new MP

1:48 pm on 21 June 2010

Both groupings in the Nauru Parliament are competing for the support of the single new MP elected in Saturday's poll.

That poll was called after weeks of political stalemate but the return of all bar one of the 18 incumbents could mean an ongoing impasse.

The newcomer is Milton Dube from the Aiwo constituency, who outpolled the Opposition's Dantes Tsitsi.

Mr Dube has declared himself independent, saying he'll support the grouping most committed to the interests of his Aiwo constituency.

One contentious issue is the amount of phosphate dust from the nearby drying plant, which is causing problems for residents.

The Government is already in talks with Mr Dube while the Opposition's Baron Waqa says they are confident of having him back them.

"We have another member from this constituency together with us and normally the people from the district, from this constituency, tend to stick to one another, so we are quite confident that he'll join up and form himself within the group and try and work with us to further his cause."