3 Jun 2010

Coconut industry revival discussed at SPC seminar

1:12 pm on 3 June 2010

A seminar is being held in Fiji today to help revitalise the coconut industry, by promoting ways to earn money from old or senile palms.

The seminar in Suva has been organised by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in collaboration with the Australian Centre of International Agriculture Research.

The secretariat's forestry and agriculture coordinator, Sairusi Bulai, says interest in the coconut industry has declined as returns have reduced due to low prices and low production.

He says the low production is mainly attributed to old coconut palms, and the only way to encourage people to replant younger palms is to find ways to provide a high return from senile trees.

"Construction timbers for housing, high quality furniture, and the one we have been looking at for the last few years is high quality flooring, targetting international exports markets."

Sariusi Bulai says there is potential to make money judging by the demand and prices for high quality flooring.