1 Jun 2010

NZ Pacific Business Council says regional businesses can support Guam

7:37 am on 1 June 2010

The chairman of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council says regional businesses can provide much-needed support to Guam as it prepares to facilitate the large US military build-up on the island.

Gilbert Ulrich is leading a New Zealand trade mission in Guam, looking to secure work contracts associated with the US military transferral.

He says while the big contracts have mostly been allocated, there is a sizeable chunk of sub-contracts on offer.

New Zealand's trade with Guam now is around 6 million US dollars but Mr Ulrich expects this to rise with his country's increased involvement in the construction and infrastructure development of the build-up.

"You know, with the right sort of support, I think things can come together here. There's an awful lot of potential and I'm sure there's a lot of companies from outside who'd like to partner and everybody in the global economy is looking for new business opportunities, so I think they're going to get a lot of assistance and offers of assistance."

Gilbert Ulrich.