31 May 2010

Samoa Language Week marked in New Zealand

12:36 pm on 31 May 2010

An academic says he highly values Samoan Language Week's annual celebrations to foster culture and learning of the third most spoken language in New Zealand.

This year's theme is O la Tātou Gagana Sāmoa i Niu Sila, which translates as "Our Samoan language in New Zealand" and runs until June the 5th.

Auckland University's Samoan Course Coordinator, Vavao Fetui, says the language thrives because it's widely spoken in many churches, schools, universities and homes.

"I value and appreciate how New Zealand can accept and recognise Samoan as one of the Pacific languages or community languages."

Vavao Fetui says there's a special celebration at Auckland University today (mon) to mark Samoan Language Week and then Samoa's Independence Day on June the 1st.