27 May 2010

NZ's Pacific Affairs Minister faces more criticism

8:57 am on 27 May 2010

The deputy mayor of Porirua has criticised the decision of the Pacific Affairs Minister to allocate over 3 million US dollars in last week's budget to a private company.

Litea Ah Hoi says she and another Pacific councilor will write to Georgina Te Heuheu to complain about the lack of consultation and transparency regarding the decision.

Mrs Te Heuheu said on Tuesday there was no tender process involved because the company, Pacific Economic Development Agency, mounted a persuasive case.

Litea ah Hoi says the decision is appalling and shows a lack of consultation with Pacific communities, bias towards Auckland and a lack of transparency.

"Obviously the deal has been done behind closed doors their arguments put together for it and hence the position that we're in. Now, for transparency sake I would like to know who was consulted, which pacific nations were consulted on this and why Auckland has been selected."

The deputy mayor of Porirua, Litea Ah Hoi.

The chief executive of Pacific Economic Development Agency, JR Pereira, issued a statement saying the company agrees the normal standards of monitoring and evaluation will be part of the purchase agreement.

Mr Pereira says the final agreement now under negotiation will ensure that delivery will comply with the normal funding arrangements for the use of government funds.