26 May 2010

UN representative not sure if PNG will ratify UN Convention Against Torture

8:21 am on 26 May 2010

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture says it remains to be seen whether Papua New Guinea's Government will ratify the UN Convention Against Torture.

In his just concluded fact-finding mission in PNG, Manfred Nowak found appalling conditions for those in police detention, regular detainee beatings amounting to torture and excessive force in general by police.

Mr Nowak says PNG should declare unambiguously that torture or ill treatment by police and prison staff will not be tolerated, and develop an independent commission to investigate police abuses.

"And if they do it and if they're serious about it, I'd be most happy to provide my services in relation to UNDP and other donor agencies to recommend to them they should finance and assist these activities."

Manfred Nowak has voiced disappointment that his official mission wasn't accorded appropriate attention at the highest political level.