24 May 2010

Discussions only way to find solution to Fiji's problems - ousted opposition leader

2:08 pm on 24 May 2010

Fiji's ousted opposition leader says it shouldn't be too difficult to devise a solution to Fiji's political problems.

A year on from the scrapping of Fiji's constitution, there's no sign of what form proposed elections might take in 2014.

More discussions were due to begin in February, but that deadline passed without comment from the interim regime.

Mick Beddoes says the only way a resolution will emerge is through discussion.

"Look, we all care about Fiji. They happen to care about Fiji in a different way from which I care, and others. But at the same time, ultimately, if we all want the best for Fiji then it shouldn't be too difficult for us to sit around a table and put down on the table what we think are the best thoughts, put it on the table and then come up with a solution. It's not that difficult."

Mick Beddoes, Fiji's ousted opposition leader.