14 May 2010

Major operation launched in PNG against corrupt public servants

2:40 pm on 14 May 2010

A major police operation has been launched in Papua New Guinea to clamp down on public service corruption.

The police have launched the campaign with the Planning and Monitoring Department whose secretary has spoken of the need to weed out so-called rotten apples involved in corruption within his department and others.

Joseph Lelang says there's enough evidence of fraud, collusion and corruption related to misuse of public funds in the key departments of Finance, Planning, Treasury, and Petroleum and Energy to warrant the probe.

The National Capital District police chief, Superintendent Fred Yakasa, says they will specifically investigate cases where complaints have been lodged.

"We don't want to be going out witch-hunting or just dredging for work. As long as people feel that there's something wrong and that police need to investigate, we're ready to actually go in and check it out. So it's really up to them to bring their problems to us."

Fred Yakasa