10 May 2010

Japanese parliamentarians discuss moving soldiers from Okinawa to CNMI

7:08 pm on 10 May 2010

The governors of the Northern Marianas and Guam have met with a group of Japanese politicians to talk over the possible relocation of thousands of US troops from Okinawa in Japan.

The proposal concerned offers to relocate 4,000 American troops from the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at Futenma to Tinian in the CNMI.

There are already plans to move 8000 marines and their families to Guam.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago says the Japanese MPs want to arrange a meeting between the Japanese Prime Minister and the two Governors.

"They met over the weekend, nothing is set in stone yet, because everything has to be approved by the US government and they only made the meeting so they could have some framework to accelerate the plans to implement the accord, or the agreement between the US and Japan to move these troops out of the country. It is unofficial, but we really admire and thank the Japanese for at least consulting the islands, because after all is said and done, they will be hosted by Tinian and Guam."

Mark Rabago.