10 May 2010

Solomons electoral work held up by a lack of time and money

1:49 pm on 10 May 2010

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is being hampered by a lack of time and funds as it finalises the voters list for the national election.

Solomon Islands Television reports the commission has received one million US dollars for the voter registration process, but other funds promised for election preparations are yet to materialise.

The Commission also now has just seven days to tally complaints about the voters list from around the country, before sending the results back to the wards, where public hearings will be held to verify the claims.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Polycarp Haununu, says it will take time for the voting list to get back to hundreds of islands.

"This current law this time, we have to send the forms back to the provinces, it takes a lot of time."

Polycarp Haununu says he's confident the job will be completed, but says the government has to prioritise funding for the election.

An election date may be announced this week, with predictions it will be in July.